Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Air Force plays Army Saturday in Colorado Springs, and if there's any hope of taking a tiny sting out of what has been a bad season, a win over the Black Knights could do that. There are some games where its less about the opponent and more about you. I think this game falls in that catagory. A winnable game for the Falcons? Yes. Doesn't mean its a victory. The Falcons have too many holes on defense and too much inconsistency on offense. And think about how Army views this game. Air Force is down, and Navy is certainly beatable this year. It could be the best chance the Black Knights have of winning the Commander In Chiefs Trophy in a long time. But this game is about the Falcons and what they do. At times you see sparks-stopping San Diego State on 3 4th down plays....Driving like they did at times against the Notre Dame defense. But there's no consistency. Much of that is youth. Some of that is coaching. There's just 4 games left this year. No bowl game. You gotta make these games count. Forget who you are playing. Take care of your own business first, and see what happens.


madmaxmutt said...

We know that you are a homer for the Academy, but there is a contingent on the south side of the Springs that might favor Army. How about an interview with the Army coach? How about announcing the bonfire scheduled for this evening at Fort Carson?

madmaxmutt said...